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15 August 2006

Kats and Kits Summer Sale!

The weather has changed dramatically, it is much cooler and feels like an early autumn is on the way. The promised rain has not materialised and everywhere is still very dry. At the sanctuary the drop in temperature has made life easier for both cats and helpers alike.

After a break for the summer holidays it is time to organise the next round of sales. Sorting bags and boxes of jumble is exhausting and time consuming but must be done as these are an important source of funding for the Kats and Kits team. The first sale is:

Kats and Kits Summer Sale
Saturday 26th August in The Brittox, Devizes
starting at 9am

If the weather is good it is usually a very busy sale and we try to provide a good selection of books, plants and bric-a-brac. We are famous for the quality of our merchandise and many of our customers are dealers hoping to find something of value that we have missed. This has been known to happen, but thankfully not often now, as we have all learnt a lot over the years.

There are bargains to be had so please visit us to buy, make a donation or, if you feel you would like to help with the cats or at a future sale let us know.

Get the map here.... Summer Sale Map

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About Kats & Kits:

Kats & Kits is a long established cat sanctuary based in the depth of the UK's mystical Wiltshire countryside, on the edge of Salisbury Plain, near the white horses of Alton Barnes and Westbury.

Run by a small dedicated team we aim to provide a home to rescued cats where re-homing is not a viable option.

This blog documents the daily challenges the group has overcome since 1994 to provide care and shelter for abandonded, stray and unwanted cats.


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